There is no limit in what God can do!

There is no limit in what God can do!
Awake everyday knowing that our Lord is changing us into His image!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learn to love change...

Quit fighting! God has to win for you to be a winner!

Change is coming. So many of us are so afraid of change that we are fighting God.

Matthew 1:18 when Jesus first showed up in the womb of the Virgin Mary, change happened (a virgin was pregnant)
Mary was wise beyond her years, when change was coming to her, what did she say, “Let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38

Mary could have fought the Lord! What will people think? I know not a man! This is impossible!
The Lord would have just gone to a willing vessel.
One that would allow change

2. Matt 1:18-25 Joseph’s life was changed. He was to marry a young girl a virgin, but he found out that she was pregnant. Thank the Lord Joseph listened to the Holy Ghost in a dream and excepted change.

3. When Jesus is Lord of our lives change should be occurring. We should be going from glory to glory and becoming more Christ like everyday. We should be changing because Christ is with us and showing up. (Things that bothered us yesterday should not be bothering us today)

Is there something that just keeps bugging you? I know that last week I got angry with someone and the Holy Ghost had to remind me not to take it personal, but I wanted to take it personal. I wanted my flesh to handle this. I put up a good fight until I realized whom I was fighting with.

I am so thankful for a lord of long suffering.

4. Matt. 2:1 When Jesus showed up wise men started looking for Him.
Verse3. Kings get troubled when Jesus shows up.
Verse 11 When Jesus showed up wise men worship
Verse 12 When Jesus shows up wise men dream of God. Change occurs as our Lord enters the scene.

5.. Saul before he was renamed Paul did not want change. He was fighting for the old way! Saul did his best to stop the Jesus followers. On the road to change Saul became blind to the world and opened his ears to our Lord. (think on this)

6.. The disciples did not want change. They did not want our Lord to die! But if Christ had not died for our sins where would we be? Peter even rebukes our Lord because Peter did not want change.

Be open to change: sit in a different seat at church. Eat with someone different. If you close your eyes to praise, try praising with them open…

Change is coming are you ready?